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Most Popular CRM-gx Features

What features are you looking for in your CRM solution? Take a look at the 34 most popular features that make CRM-gx your best CRM solution at any price. (To see all CRM-gx features, click HERE.)

1. Worlds Fastest Data-Entry System for New Accounts (Patent-Pending)
2. Quick Keyboardless Entry of Tasks, Appointments, Calls, Account Activity (Patent-Pending)
3. Complete Syncronization with Microsoft Outlook, including Schedule, Tasks, Contacts, Email, and WAB (Windows Address Book)
4. Templates for Standardized, Rapid 1-to-1 Marketing and Mass EMailing
5. Sends Reminders to Pager, Cellphone, PDA, Email (Patent-Pending)
6. Integrates with Your Shopping Cart for a Complete e-Commerce CRM Solution
7. Customizable 5 Stars Workflow and Deal Tracking System (Patent-Pending)
8. 300 Instant, Integrated Reports plus Custom Reports Module
9. Customizable Database with Unlimited Custom Fields and Reports
10. Auto-Generated Purchase Orders, Invoices, Estimates, Orders
11. User-friendly Wizard Helps Automatically Configure the System for your Company
12. Multi-Currency, Multi-Time Zone, Multi-Lingual
13. Ability to Join Your Offices Around the World into a Single, Integrated Solution
14. Integrated Inventory Management and Tracking
15. Automated ROI Analysis (Patent-Pending)
16. Single Enterprise View of the Customer
17. Duplicate Record Prevention System (Patent-Pending)
18. Advanced Employee Management and Assessment (Patent-Pending)
19. Research Function Integrates with Google.com
20. 80/20 Rule Compatible Ranking System enables you to focus on the top 20% of your customers (Patent-Pending)
21. Automated Email Address Completion System (Patent-Pending)
22. Integrated Mass E-mail Server Capable of Sending thousands of Personalized 1-to1 Messages per Hour
23. Worldwide File Sharing Virtual Fileserver
24. Supports Unlimited Account Managers per Account
25. Built-in Enterprise Instant Messaging System
26. Double-byte Character-Ready Database Supports Virtually any Character Set or Language
27. Integrated Up-selling and Cross-selling Module
28. Product Pricing Can Change Based on Qty Ordered
29. Choice of Web-based ASP Solution or Local On-Site Server Solution
30. Address Book Automatically Integrates with MS Outlook Windows Address Book (WAB)
31. Folder-based Directory tree for data management
32. Database Supports 100 Million records, up to 16 TB table sizes
33. World's only i-mode, J-Phone, and mMode-ready CRM solution
34. Integrated Customer Service Ticket Tracking and Escalation

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