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Reporting Tools That Generate Actionable Intelligence

Select the exact fields from the database you wish to report on, including criteria for every variable.

Then, simply click Display Report or Download as CSV.

An unlimited number of custom reports can created, saved, and recalled instantly on command.
You can select and send reports to specific offices, individuals, or groups of individuals.

ACR Overview
The purpose of CRM is not to collect information for the sake of information itself, but to collect information then translate it into Actionable Intelligence. Actionable Intelligence is data that has been processed and optimized to deliver insight, increase possibilities, and drive real organizational improvements.

HydraNet offers organizations two kinds of Actionable Intelligence: Standard Reporting and Charts, and Advanced Custom Reporting.

Standard Reporting and Charts
includes over 300 reports and charts that will satify 85% of an organization's reporting needs. Like the rest of HydraNet CRM-gx, Standard Reporting and Charts is a model of simplicity. Define the desired report type in seconds with a few mouse clicks and click "Display Report." HydraNet's high-powered server clusters crunch the numbers and return results in a flash.

This simple chart shows historical P/L versus gross sales for an individual member of the sales team.

Select any office, group, or individual and run similar reports, choosing among any number of 43 metrics.

For Power Managers: ACR
ACR is the ultimate power tool for managers seeking Actionable Intelligence. Functionally-speaking, ACR is like a direct SQL connection to the database, with freedom to generate any number of reports based on any number of variables. Unlike SQL, however, ACR doesn't require special programming skills. It takes less than 30 seconds to generate reports like:

"Show me all the pending British Pound-denominated Stage 3 deals that have a margin of less than 15%."

HydraNet challenges any other CRM vendor to generate reports with that level of granularity in under 30 seconds.

Benefits of ACR
The primary reason to implement CRM is the benefits gained by CRM reporting and analytics. CRM-gx, the world's only 5 minute a day CRM solution, puts virtually any report you can imagine at your fingertips in less than 30 seconds. The result is sophisticated and actionable intelligence generated faster than any other solution on the market, guaranteed. The benefit to your business is:
  • The knowledge you need to improve your operations, client relationships, and profitability
  • 5-7X faster ROI on the CRM implementation

Don't take our word for it. Diagnose your business and try HydraNet CRM-gx risk-free.

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