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HydraNet CRM-gx is the Only Web-based Solution to Offer a True 360° View of the Customer

360DV delivers in a split-second an incredible 53 financial, technical, and historical metrics on every client and contact in the system.

Know your customers in ways never before possible.

360DV Overview

After revolutionizing the data collection processes, HydraNet engineering turned its attention to crunching that data into actionable intelligence. The result is the 360DV, an analytics tool linked to every Contact and Account record in the system.

A remarkable innovation in web-based Customer Relationship Management, 360DV instantly delivers fifty-seven metrics that offer real insight into the client relationship, including drill-down MTS Event tallies for every action stored by your Account Management team. Other CRM vendors talk about giving a 360° view of the customer, but if you delve into their products, you won't find a dedicated tool for 360° analysis. HydraNet would like to set the record straight: Taking a 360° view of the customer means more than viewing shared activity histories.

Taking a Real 360° View of the Customer
A 360DV snapshot gives a complete summary of every activity, every sale, and every cost associated with a customer relationship. For the first time you know how much a customer has purchased, and also how much time and money was spent in the pre-sales process to generate the sale, and how much time and money was spent in the post-sales process to support the sale. Without that critical information, organizations have no grasp of the true profitability of their customer relationships. Armed with this information, organizations start getting answers to key questions like:

Based on ROI, who are our best clients?
Which clients should we focus more time on?
Which clients should we focus less time on?
Who initiates the bulk of our costs, us or the customer?
What are the true costs associated with our sales process?
Where can we reduce our sales costs?
What are the true costs associated with our customer service process?
Where can we reduce our customer service costs?
What are the true costs associated with our transaction process?
Where can we reduce our transaction costs?
Are our sales forecasts too optimistic? If so by how much?

Taking a Real 360° View of the Organization
360DV can be applied not only to external customers but to the organization itself. In just seconds, analyze the activities, cost structure, and profitability of individuals and groups within the organization, or the performance of the organization as a whole.

Compare CRM-gx with other CRM offerings that expect management to spend 30 minutes a day fumbling around with a clumsy reporting tool, a tool that provides a mere fraction of the intelligence generated by a single mouse click with 360DV.

360DV Motivates the Organization
HydraNet believes feedback is a critical and primary motivator in any organization. Feedback helps remind individuals what they should be doing, where they should be focused, and how well they are performing vis--vis their peers. Traditionally, it is the job of the senior manager to provide this guidance, either in time-consuming meetings or individual performance reviews

HydraNet's 360DV reduces the burden on management to provide needed feedback by putting objective feedback just one click away for every CRM-gx user. At any time, users can receive a 360° view of their own performance, including their contribution to sales, number of customer support tickets resolved, P/L, even a comparative ranking of performance versus their peers, simply by clicking the "My Performance" link on the main menu. The tool keeps teams focused, fosters a competitive workplace environment, and reduces the amount of time senior management spends initiating feedback and performance reviews.

Improving Customer Loyalty
Virtually every CRM vendor claims they can help improve customer loyalty, but only HydraNet gives you a powerful tool and methodology to support that objective. In today's hectic world, customer support teams are running at full capacity. The only proven way to build loyalty is by reallocating support resources based on the 80-20 rule; Focus on the top 20% of your customers which generate 80% of the revenue. Focusing on the top 20%, however, requires a tool, and HydraNet delivers with an advanced analytical process that runs every 2 hours that ranks your customers according to 5 criteria:

  • ROI
  • Net Income (P/L)
  • Gross Sales
  • Number of Closed Deals
  • Gross Expenses
  • Time Invested
All of these metrics can be displayed in JCAMS, the main Account Management search tool, so that Account Managers and Customer Support reps know instantly who the best clients are and can allocate resources accordingly.

Benefits of 360DV
In building the world's only 5 minute CRM solution, HydraNet aimed to dramatically increase the speed at which an organization collects data and generates actionable intelligence. 360DV turns thousands of pieces of data into actionable intelligence management needs to analyze and improve business performance. The system enables the organization to:
  • Improve customer loyalty by lowering the churn rate by an average of 6%. Read more here.
  • Analyze and lower organizational costs across the value chain
  • Improve internal staff performance with effective self-evaluation technologies
  • Evaluate the cost structure, P/L, and performance of any individual, group, office, or team
  • Evaluate customer relationships on the basis of 53 key financial and historical metrics (see below)
360DV Metrics Calculated Instantly for Every Contact, Company, Salesperson, Group, and Account in HydraNet CRM-gx
We Called
We Visited
We Emailed
We Faxed
We Sent Docs
Total Initiated Events
Initiated Time Invested
Initiated Expenses
Client Called
Client Visited
Client Emailed
Client Faxed
Client Sent Docs
Total Received Events
Received Time Invested
Received Expenses
Unclassified Expenses
Customer Support Pending
Customer Support Completed
Total Time Invested
Total Cust. Support Expense
Pending Deals
Failed Deals
Completed Deals
Total Deals
Deal Time Invested
Total Deal Expenses (Time)
Total Deal Expenses (COGS)
Total Deal Expenses
Overall Time Invested
Overall Total Expenses
Gross Income
Total Bid Value
Average Probability %
Total Projected Revenue
Projected vs Actual Revenue
Average Margin %
Net Income (P/L)
Percent contribution to total P/L
Gross Sales Rank
Gross Expenses Rank
Time Invested Rank
Net Income (P/L) Rank
ROI Rank
Number of Closed Deals Rank
Historical Profit & Loss (Chart)
Expense Breakdown (Chart)

HydraNet CRM-gx is the only CRM solution that offers 360DV. Diagnose your business and experience it at your organization.


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