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Record and Update Customer Information 2-4X Faster

Note the "spreadsheet-like" data entry fields that allow you to enter multiple records simultaneously.

Multi-Quick Add Overview

Data entry is a burden to every organization and a key reason why most users resist CRM. The HydraNet team spent 14 months refining the technology behind the MQA data entry screens, 14 months aimed at reducing the time organizations spend on data entry. Many companies appreciate spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel because they allow users to enter data without having to click "New" and "Save" after each record. One of HydraNet's key objectives was to match the data entry speed of Microsoft Excel while providing the kind of enhancements only possible with a specialized CRM application. The result is a series of innovations:
  • A user-configurable interface that allows users to define data entry form fields.

  • An automated email address completion system that allows users to define an "E-mail Formula" for an account, eliminating the need to enter new email addresses for new contacts.

  • A duplicate prevention system that checks key fields in the database to ensure that companies and contacts aren't entered twice.

  • Most importantly, a "spreadsheet-style" interface that allows users to add, edit and delete multiple records at once, without having to save changes individually.
Note: Entering these records would take three times longer using competing CRM solutions.

Multi-Quick Add Benefits
MQA reduces the time organizations spend doing data entry by 70-80%, saving money in the process. More importantly,this single system may make the difference between the success or failure of your CRM implementation. Many CRM implementations fail because users refuse to use them. With features like MQA, resistance diminishes significantly. Once your team discovers how easy it is to enter and edit client information, and how valuable that information is once they have it, they will spend 5 minutes a day creating and keeping information current.

Stop wasting valuable time. Diagnose your business and cut data entry time by 70-80% at your organization.


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