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Collect Customer Information 5-7X Faster

Manage Tasks, Appointments, E-mail, Reminders, Service tickets, Priorities, and virtually any other customer interaction with a single interface.

Collecting Data is a Key Challenge of CRM
One of the most difficult challenges of CRM is getting the organization to use the system.

The Solution You Choose Will Determine Success
Select a solution that enables your staff to record customer information and activities quickly and easily. Recording activities should take seconds, not minutes. People in organizations simply refuse to use systems that overburden them with tedius data-entry tasks.

Simply The Fastest Way To Collect Customer Information
HydraNet ground breaking technologies make recording customer information and activities 5-7X faster than competing solutions.

One of these technologies is the Multi-Task System (MTS).

Also known as "The Event System," MTS makes recording interactions with customers dramatically faster and easier. Its patent-pending design combines 8 tools on a single screen. MTS is capable of recording:

  • Interactions with customers
  • Tasks
  • Appointments
  • E-mail
  • Document histories
  • Priorities
  • Customer service tickets
  • Reminders
  • Timestamps
  • Time spent with customers
all on a single screen and with just a few mouse clicks. Why combine all this functionality into a single screen? Because it dramatically reduces the time it takes to record either simple or multi-layered, complex customer interactions that typically show up in an average workday.

A Real World Example
How much time can MTS save entering just one client interaction?

Mike Smith, an important client, calls with a customer-support related question, and during the course of the call, we setup an appointment to see him. When the call completes, we want to

1) Record the call
2) Make a note of the client issue
3) Setup the appointment in your calendar
4) Create a reminder so you don't forget the appointment
5) Add the task to your task list
6) Enter a customer support ticket
7) Mark this task high priority

Using HydraNet's MTS system, here are the steps taken to record this activity:

1) Find the client in JCAMS
2) Click the MTS (Event) button next to the client's name.
3) Click the buttons corresponding to Appointment, Task, Customer Service, and Reminders.
4) Set the time and date of the appointment.
5) Make a note of the client issue
6) Click Save

Elapsed time: less than 28 seconds.

Let's compare that to the steps required to record the same information using a competing CRM product without MTS:

1) Find the client
2) Scroll down to find Cases
3) Click New in the Cases section of the contact.
4) Set the Case Origin
5) Set the Case Status
6) Make a note of the client issue
7) Click Save

That completes the Customer Service ticket portion. Now about setting up an appointment:

8) Click Home
9) Click appropriate date on Calendar
10) Click appropriate time of day
11) Enter the appointment subject
12) Click Save

That creates the appointment. Now about entering the task portion:

13) Click New Task
14) Enter the task subject
15) Set the task priority to high
16) Click Save

Elapsed time: 2 minutes, 25 seconds.

The competing system required 5X more time to record the same activity, it created 3 unrelated records although all 3 records should be tied to the same event. While spending 2 minutes to record a client activity may not seem like much, multiply that by the number of interactions recorded every business day. Time is money, and in today's competitive business climate, organizations can't afford a CRM solution that wastes 30-60 minutes per user per day.

The Benefits of MTS
HydraNet MTS records client activities faster and easier than competing CRM systems. In addition, it combines with the 360° View (360DV) system to track and analyze client-by-client profitability thus uncovering hidden costs and benefits in your value chain. And it eliminates the disconnect between related emails, customer service tickets, tasks, reminders, appointments, and priorities, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Diagnose your business and start using MTS to save time in your organization.


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