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How CRM-gx account management, reporting, and lead management systems drive value.

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Few CRM buyers are aware of these surprising facts. What you learn may make the difference between the success and failure of your CRM implementation.

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Tools like MTS makes recording interactions with customers a snap.

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Meet JCAMS - one of the world's most advanced account management tools. Read more here.

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5 STARS combines more functionality and power than most multimillion dollar CRM solutions.

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Instantly analyze customers, employees, sales teams, and offices in ways you never thought possible.

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Unique and powerful CRM reporting tools without all the hassle.

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Microsoft CRM

CRM Microsoft - Executive Summary

Microsoft CRM is a product widely seen by industry experts as not being quite ready for prime time. Before selecting Microsoft CRM based on the Microsoft brand name, consider the following facts:

Requires a full Microsoft stack
Microsoft's well-known strategy is to use their CRM offering to sell as many server licenses as possible. Consequently, if you want to install Microsoft CRM you must purchase, set up and maintain MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server and MS Windows 2000 Server. With HydraNet CRM-gx, there is no software or hardware to purchase or maintain.

Difficult to Maintain
Keeping your Microsoft CRM installation running smoothly means keeping not just the solution itself patched and updated, but also keeping Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Windows 2000 Server patched, updated and running smoothly. This guarantees a complex, and demanding implementation. Does your company have the IT resources to spare?

Costs 7X More to Implement
Including the required server licenses, the cost to implement Microsoft CRM per user is $1200, compared with approximately $175 for HydraNet CRM-gx.

Total Cost of Ownership 10X Greater
With CRM-gx, you get all the power of an enterprise CRM solution without needing to purchase, maintain, patch, fix, and backup your hardware and software. The TCO for Microsoft CRM is 10X greater than HydraNet CRM-gx.

An Immature Product
Microsoft CRM is an early stage release product with all the bugs and technical issues that must be addressed with any new complex software solution. HydraNet CRM-gx is a mature solution at version 4.03. In the case of HydraNet, patches and updates are handled immediately by our engineering team, not yours.

Client-Server Architecture
While Microsoft publicly espouses the benefit of net-based services, Microsoft CRM is based on old client-server architecture and an outdated business model. HydraNet CRM-gx is a net-native application that takes full advantage of the web services model that many analysts and enterprises have embraced as the future of business solutions.

Requires Exchange to Sync with Outlook
Microsoft CRM requires MS Exchange Server in order to synchronize with MS Outlook. HydraNet synchronizes seamlessly with MS Outlook regardless of whether your organization runs MS Exchange or not.

Poor Interoperability and Flexibility
Microsoft CRM is a proprietary solution that offers little in terms of customization or interoperability with your existing legacy and backoffice systems. HydraNet CRM-gx is build on an open Red Hat Linux platform and has an XML-based API that enables it to integrate seamlessly into your existing IT and systems environment. Because of its non-proprietary, best-of-class design, CRM-gx can be customized to fit seamlessly into your computing environment regardless of what platforms and technologies you have invested in.

No Wireless Connectivity
Microsoft CRM offers no wireless connectivity options; Salespeople on the road must work offline or rush from connection to connection at airports and hotels in order to access the corporate network. HydraNet CRM-gx offers a complete wireless solution via mMode in partnership with AT&T Wireless. Access your corporate network and update customer information, appointments, tasks, deals, products, and inventory using your mMode enabled PDA or cellular telephone.

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