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If you're in the market for CRM, you probably already know the potential benefits, but have you considered the costs?

CRM buyers expect, at the very least, that their CRM solution will manage client information and track client activities. What most CRM buyers don't realize is how costly and time consuming this task can be for the organization.

For Most CRM Solutions, Expect to Invest $750 per user per month
The average CRM solution will cost your organization at least 30 minutes each day per user. That means a typical mid-sized firm with 100 users will spend approximately 1000 hours a month, or approximately 125 full workdays, entering data and recording activities. The opportunity cost of 125 full workdays is typically $75,000 each month.

The Real Cost of Implementing CRM
License fees for a typical web-based CRM solution range from 60-$80/month per user. However, the major costs associated with CRM are not the license fees, but the time an organization spends keeping the CRM system current. With many CRM solutions, the value of the time invested keeping the system current is 10X the CRM license fees.

Given the high costs involved, CRM buyers must select a solution that minimizes time spent on CRM data entry, activity logging and report generation.

Low User Acceptance Rates
Another key consideration when purchasing a CRM solution is User Acceptance. As any experienced CRM consultant will tell you, there is high user resistance to CRM implementations. Existing processes and solutions like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel are already in place. It's often challenging to get teams to give up existing processes. This is particularly true when the alternative requires an additional 30-60 minutes of data entry each day. In many cases, management discovers that 6 months after implementing CRM, nobody is using it.

Confirming this fact, Forrester Research and Meta Group surveys show that 60-70% of all CRM implementation attempts fail.

The Only Solution
Faced with these challenges, organizations seek simple solutions flexible enough to integrate with existing infrastructure like Microsoft Outlook.

Our Mission
HydraNet's single-minded mission has been to deliver a CRM solution that eliminates every unnecessary step, wasteful mouse movement, and nonessential keystroke associated with CRM tasks. Our driving assumption was that the maximum threshold for data entry, logging, and report generation was no more than 5 minutes a day per person.

A Radical New Design is Born
The result is CRM-gx. Two years in development, CRM-gx incorporates more than 10 groundbreaking subsystems, including MTS, JCAMS, 5 STARS, DAC, MQA, 360DV, and ACR. Taken as a whole, these systems are a technological tour de force that dramatically reduce the time it takes to manage customer information.

HydraNet CRM-gx is CRM at 1/6 the Cost
Based on real benchmarks, HydraNet has proven to be 4-6X faster than the competition at data entry, activity logging, and report generation. Instead of 30 minutes per user per day, CRM-gx takes 5 minutes. The net result is that your CRM solution costs your organization $125 a month per user rather than the $750 other solutions demand.

On this basis, HydraNet CRM-gx presents a strong value proposition to an organization. No other CRM system can record, manage and track the key information a business needs with as little effort as HydraNet CRM-gx.

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Unique and powerful CRM reporting tools without all the hassle.

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