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All CRM-gx Features

What features are you looking for in you CRM solution? This list contains all 108 features that make CRM-gx your best CRM solution at any price. You won't find a comparable product anywhere!

Contact and Account Management
Contact Management
Records Tasks
Sets Priorities
Sets and Displays Appointments
Duplicate Prevention System
Support for Multiple Account Managers per Account
"Virtual Secretary" Reminder System
Automatic "Last Contact" Date Setting
Search Accounts/Contacts by "Last Contact"
Single Que Activity History
Keyboardless Event Entry
Automatic and Manual "Time Spent" Tracking for Events
Email Integration and Options
Mass 1-to-1 Email
Group Email
Automated Email Address Completion
Windows Address Book (WAB) Access
Email Template system
Incoming/Outgoing Email Integration (any Email client)
Enter Contacts/Accounts Instantly via Email Client
Marketing and Advertising
Marketing (Upselling, Cross-selling)
Marketing Campaigns and Campaign ROI Tracking
Bid Won/Lost Reason Tracking
Lead Acquisition Tracking
Transactions, Products, Orders, Accounting
Multiple Tax Rates and Rules
Purchasing and Sales System
Product Volume Multipricing
5 STARS (Workflow and Pipeline tracking)
Pipeline Reporting and Tracking
Products & Services
Inventory and Inventory Tracking
Purchase Orders
Customizable Sales Process
Order-Entry (Products, Services, and/or e-Commerce)
Customer Service & Support
Customer Service Tickets
Escalation Rules
Customer Self-Service Portal
Knowledge Base
Reporting and Analytics
Standard Reporting and Analytics
Automatic ROI Analysis
Advanced Custom Reporting
"80-20 Rule" Client Ranking Analytics
Sales Forecasting
Micro (Individual) and Macro (Office) Reporting
Self-Assessment Performance Reports
360 Customer View
360 Enterprise View
360 Team View
360 Office View
360 Employee View
Employee Management and Assessment
Data Management & Processing
Mass Database Field Updates
Mass Update - Permissions
Mass Delete
Mass Move
Dynamic Search Fields
Folder-based Directory Hierarchy
Wizard-driven Data Import System
Quick Data Export
Recycle Bin
Workflow Tracking and Mass Updates
Global Readiness, Scalability and Security
16 Terrabytes per db Table
Multiple Offices and Regional Support
Unix-style Group Permissions System
Secure Socket Layer (128-bit security)
Unlimited Custom Fields
Multinational Location-Independent Currencies
Multinational Location-Independent Time Zones
Double-byte and Unicode for Multilingual Support
Wireless and Offsite Options
Synchronization with MS Outlook
Administrative Control over MS Outlook Syncing Policies
i-mode, J-Phone, and mMode Wireless Interfaces
Offsite Version Available
Source Code Availability
Group Calendar
Built-in Enterprise Instant Messaging System
Document Management
Documents (Virtual File Server)
Documents Full Permissions
Documents Folder-Based Heirarchy
Microsoft Word Templates
3rd Party Integration
Account Research on Google
Documentation and Configuration Support
Online Help Documentation
Knowledge Base
CRM Configuration Wizard
Administration Area
Online Video Help System
Available Configurations
Web-based ASP (Hosted)
Local Server

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